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The Central Catskills Chamber of Commerce
Advocating for business growth and community betterment
Presented and Reviewed - Winter of 2006-2007
The Purpose of the Central Catskills Chamber of Commerce, as agreed to in its bylaws states:
The CCCC is organized to advance the general welfare and prosperity of the central Catskills area so that its citizens and all of its business community shall prosper. All necessary means of promotion shall be provided and particular attention and emphasis shall be given to the economic, civic, commercial, cultural, industrial and educational interests of the area.
This new proposal for growth will:
  • Create the platform to advance the CCCC as a vital and effective advocate focused on the promotion of and support to the businesses in its service region.
  • Through research and development innovative concepts in tourism will be used as a catalyst to sustain a year-round tourism economy.
  • Establish an annual marketing plan to promote the extensive calendar of community and cultural activities.
  • Principles of smart growth planning will be utilized to support appropriate business expansion and advance new goals to improve the health and sustainability of our communities.
This proposal will be accomplished by:
ü Assembling a group of highly skilled and experienced community residents who will come together to develop a plan of action to design, implement and accomplish these goals.
ü This collaborative group will be made up of both paid consultants and volunteers who will be responsible to the CCCC.
This new network of community consultants and volunteers:
  • Will establish work plans and budgets for each project and proposal and report to the CCCC board of directors for comments and approval.
  • All work will be coordinated with current CCCC staff and should be seen as providing added support and advancement to their efforts.
A Plan of Action
Continuing Investment in Ongoing Events:
  • Holiday Celebrations from Thanksgiving through New Year’s
  • NEW Winter Festival in collaboration with Arkville businesses and community
  • May Annual Dinner and Award Ceremony – Establish a day-long conference that would focus on a topic of importance to the CCCC service region
  • August Street Fair
  • September Cauliflower Festival
New Programs:
  • New Homeowner Welcome Program: Design and Implement a Marketing Plan.
  • Schedule Bi-Yearly Welcome Events, and create Business “Get in the Door” offers.
  • Smart Growth Strategic planning embracing the assets of our communities including business, agriculture, culture, environment and education.
  • Investigate New Concepts in Tourism.
  • Population Changes and Sustaining a Quality Community (Baby-Boomers).
  • Establish a Non-Profit arm of the CCCC to facilitate fundraising and grants potential.
Role of the Chamber:
  • Approval of project plans and budgets.
  • Demonstrate leadership and support at events and programs.
  • Provide skills and experience when needed to accomplish overall goals and objectives.
Role of Villages and Towns
  • Demonstrate leadership in assisting in new program initiatives such as the creation of a new Homeowner Welcome Program.
  • Partner on economic/business initiatives when appropriate and needed.
Paid Consultants:
  • Consultants will be responsible to the CCCC Board of Directors who will manage consultants, volunteers and approved initiatives.
  • Project Consultants/Coordinators, Writers and Communication Specialists
  • Funding and Grants Consultants
 Volunteer Support:

Volunteers for events and new initiatives will be responsible to CCCC Board of Directors


The CCCC Board Committee Structure includes but is not limited to the categories listed below. An annual plan of action for each committee will be created with specific roles and responsibilities.
Advocacy – Create a strategic plan for outreach to regional and local elected officials and government agencies, neighboring business associations and county chambers of commerce, local not for profits including area economic and community development organizations.
Finance – Support the development of annual and project budgets and create a comprehensive financial year-end report.
Membership and Benefits – Propose and implement a NEW Membership Plan based on business size and income, manage the Annual Membership Meeting and Dinner: develop a Members Benefit Package to include items such as complimentary spaces at CCCC events, offer Member rates for internet advertising on CCCC website’s to enhance web listings and printed membership directory; develop options for business to business educational seminars, collaborate with like-minded organizations on business seminars and conferences and plan and implement regular social/mixers to welcome new businesses, relocated businesses and seasonal kick-off celebrations.
Marketing Plan and Implementation - Design and establish an annual promotion plan with budget that includes special events and unique activities; create press releases and feature stories, manage websites and propose new options for placing ads on web sites (raising revenue to pay for web maintenance), increase open hours for chamber booth during peak seasons; and seek new forms of advertising for CCCC members.
Events - Evaluate annual events – How do they promote business?
Arkville Winter Festival
Margaretville August Street Fair
Cauliflower Fall Festival
Collaborate on Shopping Special promotional events
Create a committee structure and budget for events (if not available). Research  other options.
Heritage Tourism (Arts and Cultural Tourism)
Collaborate with area historical organizations and projects to improve coordination and promotion of events.
Eco Tourism – Use of Catskill Park, historic streams for fishing, ski centers, hiking, biking and water sports
Collaborate and promote regional programs, destination events and establish improved event options for tourism development.