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Press Releases

$300,000 NYC Land Acquisition Impact Study

New York City’s $300 million Land Acquisition Program presents many short and long-term questions and concerns for businesses, communities and individuals in Delaware County.

DELHI, NEW YORK- Delaware County is conducting an Economic Impact Analysis of the Land Acquisition Program. The potential impacts on the host communities of Delaware County resulting from the City’s Land Acquisition Activities have heretofore been ignored. The County will utilize this analysis to address critical issues during the permitting process that the City must undergo to continue to acquire land after 2012 as a means of providing a voice for local residents and businesses.
On November 4th and 5th Downeast Group Development Consulting presented an interim report on the potential future impacts of the City’s future impacts of the City’s Land Acquisition Program. Preliminary findings of the analysis hold the potential for substantial tax increases as a result of the Land Acquisition Program and subsequent challenges of assessments. Also associated with the Land Acquisition Program is the loss of a significant number of local jobs. It further predicts that higher paying jobs will be replaced with lower paying full and part-time service oriented positions. Ongoing issues being investigated are the associative positive and negative impacts on our communities and neighborhoods along with the indirect impact on local small businesses resulting from job losses, out-migration, declining markets and or a tax shift as a result of the land acquisition program.
As stated by Greg Brown of the Downeast Group, the most important thing coming out of the next phase of this study will be measures to mitigate any perceived or actual impacts on the communities, businesses and individuals of Delaware County including the development of a strategic plan that encapsulates the preservation of water quality and sustainable communities. Beyond highlighting consequences shown in the analysis the county is proactively developing an alternative solution that takes into account the need for sustainable communities in Delaware County while protecting the environment.
As part of the process of analyzing potential impacts of the Land Acquisition Program the County is actively seeking input from local residents and businesses. To that end there will be four Community meetings held at 6:30 on the following evenings:
Monday, November 17th at the Walton High School
Tuesday, November 18th at Delaware Academy High School Cafeteria
Wednesday, November 19th at the Stamford Central School, and
Thursday, November 20th at Margaretville Central School.

These meetings may be the only opportunity available to you to voice your opinion positive or negative, regarding a program the some advocate should ultimately control up to 50% of the land in the watershed.

For further information regarding the economic impact analysis or the community meetings please contact the Department of Economic Development at 746-8595. You may also visit our blog at to review project updates or post a comment.

Submitted: 11/18/08
Article By: Delaware County Chamber of Commerce